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A Tough Job Search Made Easy! - An Inspiring Success Story!

A Tough Job Search Made Easy! - An Inspiring Success Story!

By John Seraichyk

Mikes situation was a tough one. After spending more than thirty years in the same industry, at age 55, Mike retired from his former employer. While retirement was relaxing at the outset, two plus years later, Mike became extremely jaded.

Mikes major liability was the 29 month gap in his employment history. Additionally, Mikes entire career had been spent in the automotive sector; there certainly isn't much of a job market in that industry in 2009!

The Executive Search Strategy

Upon aggressively researching possible company targets in and around the preferred geography, we identified key decision makers inside and outside of our network and began targeted credential submissions. After being rejected by approx 55 companies, we continued with aggressive research and targeted submissions which led to an interview for an unadvertised position with the Bose Corporation. Shortly thereafter, we Identified a 3 billion dollar medical device manufacturing company right dead center in our preferred geography. Our research and insider network indicated that this company was acquiring a local manufacturer and seeking Executive VP level talent to head the Brockton MA location. Two weeks and three rounds of interviews later, mike tabled an offer on a Saturday afternoon coming directly from the CEO. Mike was fast tracked as this position was not advertised anywhere and thanks to Browning Associates the job never had to be. If you would like to speak with Mike or any of our successful executives, please contact me direct 401-825-7717 x1010.

John Seraichyk

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Executive Jobs Guys said...

We the employed/unemployed professionals of RI need to be focusing on the fact that 90% of all Rhode Islanders still have jobs! Lets forget about the 10% UNEMPLOYMENT RATE and focus on the 90% EMPLOYMENT RATE... The press in full of doom and gloom and continues to fuel an unmotivated and sometimes hopeless job market of POW'S (Professionals Out of Work). Please advise.....Thank You!

Anonymous said...

because of the way the “unemployment rate” is calculated, one cannot simply subtract it from 100 percent to obtain the local employment rate.

Among people who want and are available for full-time work, the local employment rate in Rhode Island was not 90 percent in January (the latest period for which such data are available), it probably was closer to 75 or 80 percent.

Moreover, that figure is still far higher than the overall employment rate, which the U.S. Department of Labor describes as the employment-population ratio.

In February, that figure was 60.3 percent nationwide, “down slightly over the month and well below its 62.7 percent level at the start of the recession,” Keith Hall, commissioner of the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, told Congress in his March 6 Employment Situation address.

And even for January, the Rhode Island figure would be lower yet. I haven’t calculated that figure, but if you’re planning to discuss the local employment rate, you’ll need to do so.

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