Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Ye Almighty Job Hunter Lay Down Thine Resume


Ye almighty job hunter, Lay down your resume and take up your seed... 2015 years ago, Jesus of Nazareth  told his disciples the preponderance of the seed they sow would fall on rocky or thorny ground. Therefore, the precious seedlings of change would either wither instantaneously or take early root only to later dissipate and be swept away by the wind... The Lesson He taught His disciples, applies to the modern day job seeker now more so than ever. 

When you begin your job search/network activities, it is imperative that you begin sowing your VPS (Value Proposition Seedlings) in good rich soil RIGHT NOW. The rich soils I speak of are those people who know and love you. Those who have been blessed throughout their temporal journey here on earth to call you friend, relative, co-worker, or acquaintance. In other words, if they recognize your name, they are the rich soil Jesus speaks of. Sounds logical right?  Yet many of you say to me, hey Seraichyk, I’ll leave the sowing to the unemployed sect who have nothing but time to mingle with the network socialites of the jobless.  I eat what I kill john, and today I will take up my sword, march valiantly in to the jungle (the internet) and slay me a job...   

Well, guys and gals, unfortunately I am unable to find a single thesaurus that will confirm a synonym for  “internet” to be, “vacant desert”, “dry bones”,  or “mirage...” Unfortunately beloved, the internet, headhunters, and the like, are just that. It doesn't matter how piercing your sword, how formidable your rifle, how good your aim. When you are firing at a mirage, you will soon deplete your ammunition and find yourself so far out in the internet jungle, there is no way home. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, you’ve sown no seed and consequently there are no crops to bear. Your children remain hungry, you remain frustrated, bewildered and now a failure as you cannot even provide food for your family. Yes, you say, I must sow seed, I must get to work to network to get work! Now I see it!!! But 6 months have passed since you began your hunting expedition, winter has set in, the soil is hard, you are distraught and the idea of sowing is even more daunting now than it was when you began.   Now What???

This email sent from John Seraichyk, President Browning Associates -

Blessings to you and yours!

Wednesday, July 8, 2015


   "Redefining my network as Browning Associates has instructed is a real eye-opener... I never realized how many people I've known. Initially, I was resistant, but now I am blown away! Everything they instructed me on regarding "the" network is coming to fruition!!! 

I am excited to begin a strategic and coordinated outreach as a means of resurrecting, fortifying, and creating new and existing relationships...

I am Even more excited about utilizing the new skills I've acquired to leverage "the" network in such a way whereas I  will be so busy, I will soon need another admin to help with the influx...    
  Any  referral is a great referral. I am not making the critical mistake of removing names from my potential contact lists!!! Employed or unemployed, it doesn't matter! People know people who know people and my best leads have come from places I never would have expected! 
It typically takes less than a minute to make a call to  a potential contact and maybe another 3-5 minutes to determine whether or not we might be helpful to each other - I never strip names from any contact list!!!  One unpredicted benefit, is that some of these guys and gals  are actually job seeking themselves... Therefore, they seem all the more motivated to help me...Once these ladies and gentlemen decide on their next executive appointment, I will make sure they remember me for my passion, vigor and want to help them any way I can!

Also, just being able to get on the phone by way of a personal introduction from Browning with many $200k++ executives is leaps and bounds ahead of what I was doing prior...

I'm talking with people, promoting my brand, sharpening my message and  filling up my calendar with highly  productive dialog exactly as instructed by Browning Associates. Old habits are hard to break, and most of this was foreign to me at first, but I now know I am in control of my own destiny. This keeps me highly motivated; it certainly beats chasing Internet jobs or sending letters cold to various companies...I am interfacing with people not websites!!! 

Just as I've done in all of my executive successes in corporate America, I am now using a team to get it done right!!!!!    

Browning  is always there for me!"

If you are an active client of Browning Associates and this does not describe what's transpiring in your career search, I challenge you to contact me direct today! 

Friday, June 19, 2015

By John Seraichyk - Browning Associates
Where Do You Want To Be And When Do You Want To Be There?

If You Wait For Perfect Conditions, You Will Never Get Anything Done. ECCLESIASTES 11.4

Whether employed, underemployed or unemployed, the longer you wait to engage a professional non-traditional search endeavor, the more leverage you will lose with regard to where you work geographically, who you work for, and what you earn.

As expert executive career search and employment consultants, our most monumental obstacle and frustration is the ominous actuality that most executive job seekers or career changers do not contact us until they are 2-6 months or more in to their job search or are currently well employed, but for more reasons than we can explain here, they drudge onward! The later phenomenon can carry on for years; leading to stagnation, frustration, lost wages et cetera.

For those employed, many have been thinking about a change or know there is about to be a reduction in work force, but they wait months or even years to take action! This always makes our work more difficult.

For those who are unemployed

Most have forwarded dozens of credential submissions, posted their résumés on Internet web sites, job boards et cetera. Again, we have to work longer and harder.

Whether Employed or Unemployed, waiting to an implement an aggressive professional search transition for any reason, is always a costly mistake! Here are just a few of the potential problems you will be faced with when you don’t take immediate action:

Once you close a door by either sending the wrong resume to the wrong person or vice versa, it makes it that much more difficult or impossible for us to re-open that door.

Once you plaster the Internet with your resume, you have most-likely discredited your brand, oversold yourself to recruiters and furthered potential personal frustration with the entire search process.

Conducting a self-directed traditional executive search via corporate instilled protocols and bureaucracy mazes will always stall your professional mission!

If you are marketing yourself using self-directed traditional job search strategies, chances are you are penetrating less than 30% of your potential market, and like so many others, you will be forced to settle! Thus, thwarting your ability to join the right company, in the right geography for maximum compensation. The dreaded unemployment-gap continues to lengthen.

Many employed executives are afraid to move! Even in the direct line of ongoing RIF’s (Reduction in Work Force), many hang on until it’s too late. Others may have reached the proverbial glass ceiling and are afraid to move due to economic conditions or other improbable uncertainties. This may go on for years. It is much easier to transition at 45 than it is at 55 and so on at 55 than it is at 60 years of age. We see this all the time! Furthermore, although many will never do anything except continue to internally strategize a move. While others may write a resume, send it out, receive little or no responses and be thankful that they have the job they’ve got! When in reality, sending out a few resumes in to the abyss is about as effective as playing the lottery.

If you are ready to take control of your professional mission and career satisfaction, Contact Us Today!

Most Sincerely,Browning Associates http://www.blogger.com/

Monday, April 27, 2015

Networking? Don't Avoid the Unemployed!

Don't Avoid the Unemployed!  

Is it worthwhile to network with people who are also looking for new employment?

Most people think they should only talk with other people who are presently employed in a specific capacity within a specific industry within a specific company who might have a specific job for them.  This is job search futility and fatality.

When an exec is between jobs, it's the perfect time to get to know him/her. That person will land soon and will remember you when s/he does.

In fact, it's more effective to network with people who are also looking for new employment.  When these people are between jobs, they are accessible; once they land a new gig, you might never get to speak with them.  It's too late. S/he's off and running on a new career venture and much too busy to be bothered. 

 Alternatively, if you connect with him beforehand, you better believe he'll speak with you. His Rolodex® will be wide open. Moreover, if you can point him to one good contact in your network, he will never forget you. When he's running his next company, he will pay your favor forward.

Additionally, once an executive has left, he is more likely to give you contacts from his last company as he does not have the same confidentiality concern.  Also, don't forget to look at other companies he has worked for and ask for contacts there as well.  Furthermore, because he has been searching and talking to other execs and recruiters, he is more likely to be aware of recent opportunities that might be better for you than for him. 

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