Friday, February 29, 2008

Thank God It's Friday

By John Seraichyk - Browning Associates

I have often wondered where the phrase Thank God it’s Friday originates. Or, alternatively Thank Goodness it’s Friday or Terribly Gleeful it’s Friday. Furthermore, who founded Hump Day(this is the middle of the week and the day you need to get through to get closer to the weekend)? And, why are there snooze buttons on alarm clocks?

For nearly twenty years I have interviewed thousands of professionals who sought out the valuable assistance of my organization because they hated their jobs. I call these people Thank God its Fridayers or TGIFers. These are people who wish their lives away working for the weekend or working through the weekend. Either way, they all agree, this is no way to live.

Early in my career, I met with a middle-age professional (I’ll call him Jim) who told me he would depress the snooze button on his alarm clock as many as five times before getting out of bed on Monday morning. Jim further explained that on the weekends or when on vacation, he would actually rise from bed sixty minutes earlier everyday and he didn’t need an alarm clock to get himself going. I surmised that this gentleman hated his job so much that he started dreading Monday morning on Sunday afternoon! He was so depressed about his work situation that the only thing that got him to work on Monday was the grand thought of “Hump Day” or his ever-persistent alarm clock. However, when he was on vacation or excited about the day ahead, he would sprint from bed without the use of an alarm clock, full of vigor and excitement.

During my twenty-year career as a professional employment and career search consultant, I have met and worked with thousands of people like Jim. I often think to myself, if Jim lives to be seventy-five years of age and sleeps eight hours a night, he will have spent twenty-five years of his life in bed! Furthermore, if Jim works eight hours a day, he will spend another twenty-five years at work! This leaves Jim with twenty-five years to enjoy his life.

I wonder how many of these years would actually be enjoyable. Jim will most likely use this time for personal chores, waiting in lines, waiting at traffic lights, going to the doctor, the dentist, time at his mother in-laws, traveling back and forth to the job he hates, picking up the kids, dropping off the kids, washing the car, cutting the lawn, meeting with teachers, and at funerals or wakes.

Are you getting the picture? If you hate your job, you won't have much time to enjoy life. This especially holds true for Americans. The average American takes fewer than two weeks of vacation per year. The average European enjoys four weeks off and many take daily siestas.

Did you know that most heart attacks occur on Monday morning? According to Dr. Joseph Mercola ( and many other research studies, 20 percent of the heart attacks occur on Mondays, which is more than on any other day. The experts say these heart attacks are directly related to anticipated or existing job stress which is usually at its peak on Monday morning. (Google this topic sometime). So then, what are TGIFers to do?

If you are or are becoming a TGIFer, then its time for a career action plan. You can find many books regarding this subject. But reading a book on how to find your dream job is like reading a book on how to play golf. You can read for days, weeks or months and never become any more proficient at either! Contact Us today if you are undervalued, undecided, underpaid, not appreciated, ready for a change, trapped in your current role or you just plain hate your job, and we will respond with our best advice and direction.

Twenty-five years is much too long to be unhappy!
Transition Onward,
John Seraichyk

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