Friday, February 29, 2008

Whats up with manufacturing in the U.S.?


“Is anything “really” made in America anymore“? John H Seraichyk circa 1990, Founder Browning Associates

Fifty years ago, a third of U.S. employees worked in manufacturing, making everything from clothing to lipstick to cars. Today, a little more than one-tenth of the nation's 131 million workers are employed by manufacturing firms. Four-fifths are in services.

In those days, "The company was dedicated to the employee, the employee was dedicated to the company." Quote from a longtime employee of Kodak

The decline in manufacturing jobs has swiftly accelerated since the beginning of 2000. Since then, more than 1.9 million factory jobs have been cut — about 10% of the sector's workforce. During the same period, the number of jobs outside manufacturing has risen close to 2%.

Many of the factory jobs are being cut as companies respond to a sharp rise in global competition. Unable to raise prices — and often forced to cut them — companies must find any way they can to reduce costs and hang onto profits. USA Today, Inc.

Changing or Dying?

Many in manufacturing disagree that the sector is dying. They say it's just changing. The sector's output grew for a decade through 2000 before weakening during the economic downturn in 2001 that swept across the economy but hit the manufacturing sector hardest.

Whether manufacturing is changing or dying is yet to be known for sure. But either way, both scenarios will make it more difficult for manufacturing professionals to attain or maintain meaningful employment in the near future.

We are not fortune tellers; however, we certainly have a unique perspective on what’s truly transpiring in the manufacturing sector. What choice do we have? When there is a downturn in any industry, we are on the receiving end of resumes and then some.

When we take on the actual task of working with an individual to locate new employment, we wholly commit to the undertaking of rolling up our collective sleeves, and doing whatever it takes to solve each individual career dilemma on a one-to-one basis.

Browning Associates has witnessed firsthand the change that has occurred in the manufacturing sector. Many of our clients have inquired as to whether or not they should remain in manufacturing while others feel they have no choice.

The good news is, you have a choice. If you have been seeking new employment
within the manufacturing sector and are not finding the career job you seek or you are contemplating a complete change, please Contact Us today to learn how we have assisted thousands of manufacturing professionals attain career fulfillment.

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