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Don't Avoid the Unemployed!

Don't Avoid the Unemployed!  

Is it worthwhile to network with people who are also looking for new employment?

Most people think they should only talk with other people who are presently employed in a specific capacity within a specific industry within a specific company who might have a specific job for them.  This is job search futility and fatality.

When an exec is between jobs, it's the perfect time to get to know him/her. That person will land soon and will remember you when s/he does.

In fact, it's more effective to network with people who are also looking for new employment.  When these people are between jobs, they are accessible; once they land a new gig, you might never get to speak with them.  It's too late. S/he's off and running on a new career venture and much too busy to be bothered. 

 Alternatively, if you connect with him beforehand, you better believe he'll speak with you. His Rolodex® will be wide open. Moreover, if you can point him to one good contact in your network, he will never forget you. When he's running his next company, he will pay your favor forward.

Additionally, once an executive has left, he is more likely to give you contacts from his last company as he does not have the same confidentiality concern.  Also, don't forget to look at other companies he has worked for and ask for contacts there as well.  Furthermore, because he has been searching and talking to other execs and recruiters, he is more likely to be aware of recent opportunities that might be better for you than for him. 

The Recruiter/Your Contact Has Gone Ice Cold!

 The Recruiter/Your Contact Has Gone Ice Cold! 
 Your speaking with another executive in your network or recruiter whom has promised to circulate your resume throughout his network. He even goes as far as to say he knows of a vacant position that you would be perfect for...He promises to touch base with his contacts and be back with you in short order! Two weeks have since passed, and your ol friend has vanished!  You've left a few messages, but at this point you might be wondering if he's still breathing.  Just a week ago he was fervently excited to help, and now; MIA! How could this be?????
Here's What Went Wrong

Mistake Number 1. No Quid Pro Qou!   
You did not take the time to understand what his needs are...Did you ask him how things are going in his career? Has he thought about something bigger and better for himself? Did you suggest a few people that you might refer to him? If you are part of The Browning Associates network, you could have said, "I know of a huge network in your industry and I'm glad to connect you with some excellent high level contacts...Either way, if you spoke for 10 minutes, 8 of those minutes should have been about your network contacts and what you can do to help him...Every 200k executive on the planet is always looking for something bigger; make it about them; no excuses, no exceptions!  You will use your remaining 2 minutes to ask that they do the same for you...Consequently, the (Quid pro qou) has been birthed in to action! 
Mistake Number 2. No Accountability No Call to Action

Before you finish your conversation, there are two things that must happen.  1. Make it very clear what you are going to do for them and 2. Schedule a time for follow up. As far as they can see, you are scheduling a follow up call so as to be sure you are able to come back to them with the promised referrals etc... Remember; never give them all you've got until they come forth with their promise as well...Always keep them wanting more!

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