Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Career Change - Myth or Reality?

By John Seraichyk - Browning Associates

The term “Career Change” is mostly mythological and not at all practical for many domesticated financially responsible executives. What advice do you give a 45 year old CFO with two kids in college who explains that she will consider any career option as long it has nothing to do with accounting or overseeing a corporations financial management? The likes of these fairytale transitions make for good sales dialogue for career counselors and marketing firms, but are typically far from reality.

Transition happens over time; we the people each and everybody on the face of the planet, who presently trades hours of his life for a paycheck, must adapt an entrepreneurial mind-set. That’s right! You must always be in “selling/reinventing yourself” mode! Just as a large corporation is always diversifying its product and market demographic, you too must always be projecting at least five years ahead of your contending peers. The “job stability” mind-set is lethal to your long-term career success.

The instant you land your next position, update your resume, and begin transformation.

If you want to remain successful and happy in your work, you must adapt my mantra; “If you are not in transition you are in denial”. One of the most successful product remodeling/transformations I have ever witnessed was accomplished by the Toyota Corporation. Beginning with a standard Camary, they added gold trim, leather, changed the name to Lexus and doubled the price! You must realize you too are a commodity and must continuously be cognizant of who may be in need of your product and how you reinvent and constantly position and promote yourself for the future. This wont happen overnight! Career Change/redirection is an instilled mindset that must be ever present if you expect to continue to successfully climb the “cliff face” of success.

W2-employees and 1099ers alike must realize that there is no corporate safe haven; job security is a legend of the past mostly publicized by the * 40/40 Club.

*40/40 Club…An employee who works for the same company for 40 hours a week for 40 years and retires with a $40 gold watch.

My best advice: If you are absolutely in love with your job, begin your transition action plan yesterday!

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