Sunday, November 17, 2013

Holiday Job Hunting is a Good Thing!


While many rationalize that November/December may be  a good time to halt the executive job hunt, my many years of experience tell a very different story. Below are seven solid reasons to red-line  your search throughout the holiday season:

1.      Many companies must spend the money in their budgets before the end of the year. Hiring heats up in December because hiring managers are trying to make deadlines to use allocated funds. 

2.      Many companies know what their needs for the New Year will be, and they are talking with prospects in November and December in an effort to be sufficiently staffed up and ready for the New Year.

3.     Because many professionals stop job searching in  November/December, the market is much less competitive. Companies hire predicated on need, not time of year.

4.     If you are thinking about a job change for the New Year, November/December is a great time to lay the necessary foundation and/or kick off your search. If you wait until January, the market will be much more hectic.

5.     Three most popular New Year's resolutions: 1. Quit smoking.  2. Join gym. 3. Rewrite résumé; look for better job. Thus, the job market is chaos during the month of January. However, by February 1st, cigarette sales are up, gyms are eerily empty and the job market is back to normal. Unfortunately, you've lost another month in the process...

6.      Decision makers that are working during the holiday season may be more accessible during the month of December. Things may have slowed down around the company and management may be in a better position to speak with you or at least, have a look at the résumé. Once January rolls around, forget it!
 7.      Search firms are motivated to place candidates before the end of the year. Contingency recruiters are paid on commission. This commission is based on fees their company earns for placing professionals. What ably serves the December job seeker is that this commission rises based on the overall yearly billing. One might start the year at 30% and graduate to 60% by December. The catch is that it goes down to 30% again Jan.1.

Happy Holiday Hunting!

Browning Associates

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