Friday, June 6, 2014

Ye almighty job hunter lay down your resume

Ye almighty job hunter, Lay down your resume and take up your seed... 2014 years ago, Jesus of Nazareth  told his disciples that the preponderance of the seed they sow would fall on rocky or thorny ground. Therefore, the precious seeds of change would either wither instantaneously or take early root only to later dissipate and be swept away by the wind... The Lesson He taught His disciples, applies to the modern day job seeker now more so than ever.

When you begin your job search/network activities, it is imperative that you begin sowing your VPS (Value Proposition Seedlings) in good rich soil RIGHT NOW. The rich soils I speak of are those people who know and love you. Those who have been blessed throughout their temporal journey here on earth to call you friend, relative, co-worker, or acquaintance. In other words, if they recognize your name, they are the rich soil Jesus speaks of. Sounds logical right?  Yet many of you say to me, hey Seraichyk, I’ll leave the sowing to the unemployed sect who have nothing but time to mingle with the network socialites of the jobless.  I eat what I kill john, and today I will take up my sword, march valiantly in to the jungle (the internet) and slay me a job...  

Well, guys and gals, unfortunately I am unable to find a single thesaurus that will confirm a synonym for  “internet” to be, “vacant desert”, “dry bones”,  or “mirage...” Unfortunately beloved, the internet, headhunters, and the like, are just that. It doesn't matter how piercing your sword, how formidable your rifle, how good your aim. When you are firing at a mirage, you will soon deplete your ammunition and find yourself so far out in the internet jungle, there is no way home. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, you’ve sown no seed and consequently there are no crops to bear. Your children remain hungry, you remain frustrated, bewildered and now a failure as you cannot even provide food for your family. Yes, you say, I must sow seed, I must get to work to network to get work! Now I see it!!! But 6 months have passed since you began your hunting expedition, winter has set in, the soil is hard, you are distraught and the idea of sowing is even more daunting now than it was when you began.   Now What???

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