Wednesday, July 8, 2015


   "Redefining my network as Browning Associates has instructed is a real eye-opener... I never realized how many people I've known. Initially, I was resistant, but now I am blown away! Everything they instructed me on regarding "the" network is coming to fruition!!! 

I am excited to begin a strategic and coordinated outreach as a means of resurrecting, fortifying, and creating new and existing relationships...

I am Even more excited about utilizing the new skills I've acquired to leverage "the" network in such a way whereas I  will be so busy, I will soon need another admin to help with the influx...    
  Any  referral is a great referral. I am not making the critical mistake of removing names from my potential contact lists!!! Employed or unemployed, it doesn't matter! People know people who know people and my best leads have come from places I never would have expected! 
It typically takes less than a minute to make a call to  a potential contact and maybe another 3-5 minutes to determine whether or not we might be helpful to each other - I never strip names from any contact list!!!  One unpredicted benefit, is that some of these guys and gals  are actually job seeking themselves... Therefore, they seem all the more motivated to help me...Once these ladies and gentlemen decide on their next executive appointment, I will make sure they remember me for my passion, vigor and want to help them any way I can!

Also, just being able to get on the phone by way of a personal introduction from Browning with many $200k++ executives is leaps and bounds ahead of what I was doing prior...

I'm talking with people, promoting my brand, sharpening my message and  filling up my calendar with highly  productive dialog exactly as instructed by Browning Associates. Old habits are hard to break, and most of this was foreign to me at first, but I now know I am in control of my own destiny. This keeps me highly motivated; it certainly beats chasing Internet jobs or sending letters cold to various companies...I am interfacing with people not websites!!! 

Just as I've done in all of my executive successes in corporate America, I am now using a team to get it done right!!!!!    

Browning  is always there for me!"

If you are an active client of Browning Associates and this does not describe what's transpiring in your career search, I challenge you to contact me direct today! 

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