Monday, January 23, 2017

John Seraichyk, President Browning Associates

John Seraichyk, President Browning Associates - A client he is working with, is having great conversations so much that he's having a hard time keeping up.  He's getting a lot of interest in CTO roles but not CEO roles so we talked about how to market himself for that position.  He may have an opportunity through a personal contact.  Interestingly enough, he wants more referrals.  I couldn't persuade him to do another network mailing first (last one on 1/04).

For executives seeking 200k+, networking with EVERYBODY who knows your name is of paramount importance… Browning Associates says that 90% of the clients that they are working with are landing new executive jobs through people they know or people they get know….. The former is most effective…

Another client presently working with Browning Associates, reported today, he is chasing 6 possible opportunities including a promotion for a newly created position at his current company.  We went through each opportunity and discussed next steps.  He hasn't done much networking over the last week as he's been traveling but plans on doing a lot of follow up next week.  He thinks the Browning Associates referrals are fantastic!

If you would like to know how Browning Associates can help you, please contact us – 401-825-7717 or

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